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Customer Testimonials

We have been using CMREAS since 2014. The material performs great, and our residents are happy with the results. PMI is knowledgeable and professional, and they were quick to respond with solutions when problems arose.

Michelle McCarty

Project Manager with City of Thousand Oaks

Case Studies

Riverside Drive

20 years later- a look back at success

In 2002 Riverside Drive was falling apart and needed to be reconstructed, however there were no funds allocated in the current budget. The city decided to experiment with an innovative idea at the time by placing Type III CM REAS on Riverside Drive. The intention was to hold the street together for a couple of years until the funds were available to repave the street. However, the CM REAS performed better than expected and Riverside Drive was maintained for 15 years total with three CM REAS applications before it was repaved.

2002 First application of Type III CM REAS
2007 Second application of Type II CM REAS
2012 Third application of Type II CM REAS
2017 Riverside Drive was repaved, which was initially scheduled for 2004

With three CM REAS applications Riverside Drive was maintained for over 15 years when it was scheduled to be repaved after only two years.

This project demonstrates the quality, value, and effectiveness of CM REAS.

Riverside Drive in 2016, before being repaved Traffic count is 24,791 ADT

CM REAS and Slurry Seal

A Side-by-Side Comparison

CM REAS and Slurry Seal were applied side by side in September 2014 on two sides of the same street with similar traffic counts. Both areas have been reviewed based on amount of material remaining and color rating since 2017. Based on evaluations 60% of CM REAS is remaining after 8 years, whereas only 10% of the slurry seal is left.

Slurry Seal (left) and CM REAS (right)

1 year later

4 years later

6 years later

8 years later

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