PMI was started in 1985 as Petrochem Marketing, Inc. by Michael Burris as a marketing company selling a variety of asphalt products. Michael listened to his customers and discovered the need for high quality pavement preservation solutions. He developed and patented an innovative solution called Flex Seal. Flex Seal, currently called CM REAS, uses twice the amount of asphalt as conventional slurry seal and incorporates recycled California tires. In order to guarantee the quality of Flex Seal PMI expanded into a manufacturing company and changed our name to Petrochem Manufacturing, Inc. In 2002 the first small plant was built in Los Angeles and later a satellite plant was built in San Diego. To provide the highest quality solutions PMI built the current Central Mixing Plant in South Gate in 2006. Originating on 4 acres the plant has since grown to almost 7 acres with over 100 pieces of equipment, 3 mixing plants, R&D and QC testing labs, and the capacity to produce over 100,000 gallons of CM REAS a day. We have over 60 employees dedicated to making and applying high quality pavement preservation solutions.

Continuing to recognize the need for innovative products PMI expanded our focus in 2015 to formally recognize innovation as a part of our culture and changed our name to Petrochem Materials Innovation, LLC. We added our innovation and product development lab of over 10,000 sq ft and included state of the art testing equipment with experienced and trained scientists. This allowed us to refine our current materials and develop new solutions such as CM Flex Cool.

In 2017 PMI started the 10-year CPT (CMREAS Performance Tracking) Study to track the performance and effectiveness of Central Mix REAS on various types of streets. The study randomly selects one street from 10 different projects each year and documents the condition before and after the application of CMREAS and evaluates the performance for 10 years. This ongoing study will help us improve and refine the quality and durability of all our products. The CPT Study confirms 70% of CMREAS is remaining on the streets after 7 years. See all the results at­tracking.

PMI continues to evolve to create innovative pavement preservation solutions based on our customers’ needs. We are growing our knowledge, capacity, and solutions while working as your partner to make sure every job is a success.


Andrea Cervantes

One of our more experienced drivers and she has been driving trucks with PMI for over 10 years. As a Class A driver, she is experienced in delivering material to job sites. Andrea is an expert cook and loves bringing food for everyone to enjoy. She is a passionate singer with an album and enjoys spending time with her family.

Jerry Huizar

Has over 19 years of experience and extensive knowledge about asphalts and emulsions. Jerry understands the importance of having a great crew which is why he has worked at PMI for so long. He loves summertime and enjoys visiting the ocean and lakes with his family.

Gil Ortiz

Our Fleet Manager has been with PMI for over 14 years. He is responsible for making sure the right material gets to each job efficiently. Gil golfs at least once a week and is a fan of baseball and the Dodgers are his absolute favorite team. He enjoys traveling with his wife of 28 years and together they have raised 4 children. He loves spending time with his 5 grandchildren.


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