PMI’s Innovation and Product Development Lab where new products are developed and tested daily.

PMI is committed to innovation.

With a state-of-the-art lab and a team of scientists dedicated to creating new and innovative pavement preservation solutions we are constantly striving to solve your pavement problems and help you sleep better at night.

Our focus remains on making high quality solutions that are rigorously tested to ensure materials always meet specifications and have the superior performance associated with PMI products.

Kim Morris, Director of Innovation and Product Development, has been with PMI since 2000. “My goal is to provide our customers with the solutions they need to solve any concerns they have and help them sleep better at night.” He is zealous in his efforts to find new products and improve existing products to help keep your streets and neighborhoods in the best condition possible and connect our communities with pride. He has been working in the asphalt industry since 1985 and has extensive experience with asphalt and asphalt emulsions. Kim started with an industrial roofing and parking lot coating company using asphalt emulsions. In 2000 Kim brought his expertise to PMI to help develop the best pavement preservation materials. As Director of Innovation and Product Development his team works to create durable, high quality and innovative pavement preservation solutions for your streets.

Our Innovation and Product Development department’s manager is a Clemson University graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. Eric Bickford came to PMI with a passion for the new and a desire to push the cutting edge of asphalt technology and create the best new pavement preservation solutions for your streets. Because of his fresh approach, Eric welcomes new opportunities to develop solutions for your unique challenges. Your neighborhoods will benefit from his vision and passion as you use the solutions he creates. He designs ways to make the material you use in your community more sustainable and environmentally friendly because he is passionate about sustainable energy and climate change mitigation technology. As Eric joins his enthusiasm and fresh approaches with Kim Morris’ years of experience, your communities will benefit from this collaboration’s exciting but functional solutions.

Innovation Timeline


PMI was formed to provide to you the best pavement preservation materials

Developed and introduced Flex Seal, a high-quality REAS that was conventionally applied


El Monte airport was the first in the world to use Flex Seal to improve their infrastructure

First company to introduce recycled rubber tires into our materials to help protect our environment and keep tires out of landfills


Started using fiber in Flex Seal/REAS to make it even stronger and more durable when protecting your streets

Develop specialty trucks for applying Central Mix REAS with a different application process than slurry seal to make application on your streets easier, cleaner, and more consistent


First central mixing plant was built to ensure consistently high quality materials were produced

Central Mix REAS was first pavement preservation material to use RAP to help improve our environment


First company to introduce a double layer Flex Cape to help the durability of your streets

In order to provide only the highest quality materials PMI exclusively offers solutions produced at the central mixing plant


Developed CM Flex Cool, a lighter colored pavement preservation solution designed to cool your neighborhoods while preserving and protecting your streets

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