The science behind our

Pavement preservation is the process of applying the right treatment on the right road at the right time to extend the serviceable life and delay costly rehabilitation. One of the most effective pavement preservation treatments is rubberized slurry seal.

Rubberized slurry seal is a preventative pavement maintenance technique that is used to strengthen and extend pavement life. It involves placing a thin, asphalt-like layer of material over the top of pavement surfaces, including public roads, highways and airports. Rubberized slurry seal is a viable solution for roads that are in the early stages of deterioration.

To help preserve the vast network of roads in Southern California PMI created Central Mix REAS (Rubberized Emulsion Aggregate Surfacing) as a pavement preservation tool.

Application of CMREAS on arterial street

There are three simple steps to Central Mix REAS


Manufacturing at a Central Mix Plant




Unique Attributes of
Central Mix REAS

Guaranteed consistent material with Central Mix Plant

More tire rubber than slurry seal = sustainable and better performance.

More asphalt than slurry seal = higher quality and longer lasting.

Creating lifelong partnerships with
customers. Working with longest customers for over 20 years.

5 year guarantee on qualified streets. Ask for details

Central Mix REAS

A high quality solution

Central Mix REAS is a blend of asphalt emulsion, polymers, recycled tire rubber, properly graded aggregates, plus stabilizers and performance additives. It is a high quality solution with more asphalt and tire rubber than slurry, providing a more durable and longer lasting material.


Central Mix REAS is sustainable using only recycled waste tires saved from Southern California landfills. During manufacturing and application nearly 0 (zero) waste or pollution is created.

Extends pavement life

Central Mix REAS extends pavement life by protecting it from oxidation, deterioration and water intrusion and provides a durable, all-weather, dust-free and non-bleeding surface.

Not need to reapply for over 5 years

Residents love this material because it causes little inconvenience and will not need to be reapplied for over 5 years if properly applied.

Manufactured at a Central Mix Plant

One of the distinguishing characteristics is that Central Mix REAS is manufactured at a Central Mix Plant where all materials and mixing can be rigorously monitored to ensure consistent and quality material.

Ensure the most effective use of your budget & staff

Whatever your agency’s needs are, PMI will work with you to ensure the most effective use of your budget and staff. Central Mix REAS is delivered in a truck ready to apply and can be operated by PMI, your staff or a contractor.

When and Where to
Use Central Mix REAS

Central Mix REAS will provide the best results when used on a road with minimal distress. The pavement should be in good structural condition, with low severity surface distresses. For areas of higher surface distresses but good structural condition, consider a Thin Overlay Alternative. Proper preparation is the key to any successful project. Central Mix REAS can prolong the serviceable life of the road by over 5 years.

Application Rate

Type I

Type II

Type III

7 – 8 lbs/yd2

11 – 15 lbs/yd2

22 – 28 lbs/yd2

Why Central Mix REAS?

Central Mix REAS is a high-performance and cost-effective
solution due to its durability and performance.

  • Cost and functionally effective
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Delivered on trucks ready for quiet and clean application
  • Sustainable
  • Higher asphalt and rubber content
  • Seals out water, protecting pavement structure
  • Lasts five years or longer
  • Enhances skid resistance for most surfaces
  • Corrects raveling and weathering
  • Consistently passes wet track abrasion test and all other applicable test
  • Single aggregate source for consistent performance
  • Precise quantities with mixing tanks on load cells and precise gradation control
  • Proper mix design is ensured prior to application through the use of Pre-Mix Testing and Quality Assurance Test strips
  • Continually tested throughout the day by the City of Los Angeles’ Department of General
  • Services Materials Testing Laboratory for their products
  • Over 10,000 waste tires are recycled from local landfills for every 100 miles of REAS
  • Small carbon footprint
  • Plants produce nearly 0 (zero) waste or pollution
  • All waste material is recycled into road base material
  • Reduction of dust and noise pollution
  • Eliminates noxious odors during on-site mixing of materials
  • Water-based material: no fumes are produced during manufacturing or application
  • Transported and applied at ambient temperature
  • Is safer for workers and the public (see REAS SDS for details)